Pilates – A Mind And Body Fusion

Картинки по запросу Pilates – A Mind And Body Fusion

Pilates is a physical fitness system that was developed by Joseph Pilates back in the 20th century. He liked to call the system ‘Contrology’. This is because of how the method is bent toward controlling your muscles and your mind power.

Joseph Pilates was enthusiastic about his methods, and designed more than 500 specific exercises that he based on the belief that your mental health and your physical health were dependent on one another, and integral. The exercises he designed involved several calisthenic motions, undertaking a total conditioning of the body. The exercises are geared toward proper body alignment, concentration, body centering, control and precision, resulting in more flexibility, greater muscle tone, more energy, more body awareness, and more strength. Mental clarity and concentration are greatly improved.

With Pilates, emphasis is put on core muscle groups, the ones that control posture. They are trained for balancing the body and providing the right support for the spine. Breath control is one of the main focuses of Pilates. It assists the body in spine alignment and torso strengthening.

One great thing about Pilates is not having to be some professional athlete to get the benefits from it. All people of all ages, suffering from arthritis, can really benefit from these exercises.

People who practice Pilates use their bodies as training weights. It helps them build up their strength and their flexibility. Many physiotherapists use Pilates for providing assistance for gaining movement needed by individuals for getting through their daily routines normally.

There are basically two ways of doing Pilates. One is to work along with an instructor who is certified, which might be a bit expensive. Or you can join a group and take classes, which is cheaper. Whatever way works for you, this system blends Western and Eastern techniques to bring you along and help you to build long flexible muscles, that help with your body posture, your control, and your movement.

Here are some benefits you can expect:

1.  Tones up and thins down your thighs.

2.  Give your body the ability to defy gravity.

3.  Increases your energy level, your concentration, and awareness.

4.  Corrects any underlying imbalances in flexibility.

5.  Give you the ability to partake of the benefits, even if you have painful physical conditions.

The main idea behind Pilates is re-teaching your body, and reversing some of the damage caused over the years due to bad posture, stress, and a lot of tension.

Pilates combines the mind with body balance to achieve more core strength, less tension, and it helps with lower back pain as well.



12 Years experience has taught me that staying fit and reaching your targets can be difficult. It requires; hard work, commitment, and most importantly motivation ... My deep understanding of muscle physiology has enabled me to tailor sessions safely to individual’s needs. I am also aware that training is only part of a process and lifestyle holds an equally large role.